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    Tesni Clare

    Creating a thread for SMMR Network members to introduce yourselves. I work for Mindfully Wired and run the communications for the SMMR programme.


    Hi Tesni and all,

    Brilliant initiative to promote networking across UK.

    I work as fisheries regulatory advisor at Cefas (UK) since I’ve joined in 2019. My background relates to fisheries research, particularly gear selectivity, discards and the integration of stakeholders’ perception in South European fisheries. I am Willing to contribute and work towards the integration of the human dimension into the science we do.


    Hi All
    I work part-time in the MASTS Directorate and part-time with NatureScot. At NatureScot I am marine planning and policy advisor, particularly working on a broad range of policy topics with the National Marine Plan, the roll-out of Regional Marine Planning Partnerships and an array of related policy streams.

    With MASTS a key activity is coordinating the People Ocean Planet initiative (, which is all about interdisciplinary and cross-sector approaches to marine science delivery, outreach and impact. We’re developing a lot of arts-based public engagement at the moment, plus some other science communication activities and some ocean literacy research. Happy to partner across the UK and beyond on specific projects or to enable exciting collaborations across and beyond our network. Currently seeking someone to work with us (closing date 16th Aug!): see


    Thanks for this, Tesni. I hope it works! (We met at the initial SMMR networking event.)

    I’m Jon Pitchford, a mathematical ecologist at York. I lead the “Pyramids of Life” project

    Basically, we have beautiful mathematical theories about more sustainable ways to harvest marine resources, but these are meaningless unless they can be practically implemented, and worthless unless there is a market for what we catch. We are working with academia and stakeholders to find ways to make it work.



    Hello everyone,

    I am looking forward to connecting through the SMMR-Net.

    I’m Louisa Evans, a marine social scientist based at the University of Exeter and PI of the Sustainable Development and Resilience of Coastal Communities in the UK project (ROCC).

    Our project will be using past, present and future approaches to understand and build the resilience of marine resource-users to environmental and regulatory change, and to interrogate the nexus relationships (synergies and trade-offs) between resilience, wellbeing and sustainability. We will be working closely with policy-makers, practitioners and resource-users across diverse sectors: conservation, fisheries, energy, aquaculture and heritage.

    Do get in touch if you work on any of these themes / sectors.


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