The SMMR Network (SMMR-Net) will be designed to cultivate a community of policy stakeholders and researchers who see mutual benefit in discussing their respective challenges and opportunities with a view to developing more holistic solutions.

We invite you to join us for the launch event, to help scope and shape the development of this network and identify the most effective ways we can develop and support this community, beyond those funded directly through the UKRI SMMR Programme.


Save the date: On 20th April, the SMMR Programme intends to launch the SMMR-Net, a network to facilitate and underpin the development of a broad and inclusive community of interdisciplinary researchers and stakeholders.

The objectives of this interdisciplinary network will be to provide:

It is clear that interdisciplinary research is key underpinning for delivering solutions based approaches to some of the greatest challenges facing society and the environment. By fostering and supporting the development of the interdisciplinary skills and capacity needed, SMMR-Net will enable its members to be better prepared and equipped to address these challenges.

The launch will be an online event which will help to shape the development of the SMMR-Net. We expect to issue a detailed programme for this 3 hour event in mid-March.

Register for the event.