Day three of the SMMR Annual Conference 2022 will be comprised of a selection of interdisciplinary workshops, run by the six SMMR-funded projects. For more information, please see below.

If you wish to participate in any of the open workshops, please first register for the conference here, and then complete the workshop sign-up form (which can be found on the Whova event hub homepage).


Transdisciplinary Use of Coastal Data (CoOpt)

09:00-12:00, Laurent Amoudry

This workshop is for both in-person and online attendees.

Managing the coast in a sustainable way relies on a diverse range of stakeholders accessing, understanding and applying scientific data and evidence. Vast amounts of data and evidence are increasingly becoming available. However, these span marine and terrestrial environments, as well as several distinct disciplines, resulting in a changing and complex data-scape.

We will hold a workshop to initiate transdisciplinary discussions and gain a better understanding of the coastal data-scape. We welcome participants from diverse backgrounds across academic, policy and industry communities. We will discuss the range and diversity of coastal data, challenges and potential solutions in transdisciplinary use of coastal data, and how data and evidence are accessed, interpreted and used by stakeholders. After the meeting, we will summarise the outcomes of the discussions and circulate to the participants and the SMMR Net community.


Behavioural Change: Practical insights for interdisciplinary working (Pyramids of Life)

10:30-12:30, Sarah Collings (University of the West of England) and Jon Pitchford (University of York)

This workshop is for in-person attendance only.

Mathematicians are not well accustomed to the real world, but sometimes we arrive at conclusions which are worth telling people about. We will discuss behaviour change from a practical point of view, outlining the general frameworks for making change happen. We will discuss some examples and lessons from sustainable transport, and will then go on to talk about how this experience might be relevant to the SMMR programme. We are not experts – the emphasis will be on discussion and small group working, with the aim of sharing ideas and finding practical solutions.


Quest – A Digital Storytelling Scavenger Hunt (Diverse Values)

14:00-16:00, Erika Hughes

This workshop is for in-person attendance only.

The Diverse Values in Marine Management project is using a variety of creative methods to elicit values from local communities. Using unconventional approaches to inform marine decision making, creative methods allow access to attitudes and levels of connection that are otherwise unavailable.
We will be demonstrating this in our workshop. We invite participants to explore their immediate environment – and perhaps see the mundane for the first time. We will lead participants on a digital storytelling scavenger hunt, wherein they journey through the conference location and immediate surroundings, immersing themselves into discussions and interacting with the material world that surrounds them. This bespoke workshop will be created and curated by the Diverse Values team for this conference, and will culminate in the creation of a digital story that reflects the new and surprising interactions of participants on their quests.



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