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MSPACE Early Warning System

New report: A state-of-the-art modelling analysis showing where, and for how long, marine conservation, fisheries and aquaculture could be best supported across UK seas.

Protecting seaweed blue carbon:

The science: Identifying and protecting macroalgae detritus sinks toward climate change mitigation

Storytelling: Unlocking the carbon storing secrets of the Orkney kelp forests 

Projects: Future States of the Global Coastal Ocean | FOCUS 

UN Decade of Ocean Science:  Global Ocean Decade Programme for Blue Carbon

Climate-smart MPAs and MSP:

The science: Bright spots as climatesmart marine spatial planning tools for conservation and blue growth

Projects: Marine Spatial Planning Addressing Climate Effects (MSPACE) – Sustainable Management of Marine Resources ( |  NECCTON – New Copernicus Capability for Trophic Ocean Networks  |  Future MARES | ACTNOW | EU Marine Research ProjectWorking Group for Marine Planning and Coastal Zone Management

New paper: Cross-basin and cross-taxa patterns of marine community tropicalization and deborealization in warming European seas

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By working through each of the four research themes, MSPACE hope to produce the following outputs:

There is also significant potential for application of the overall lessons learned in MSPACE to the broader UK planning landscape, including MSPs for overseas territories. This is possible through the diversity of UK planning contexts explored in the project, and the consortium’s strong links to key marine industries and marine planning communities.