Published: 24th October 2022

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Embedding NZOC Within Digitally Enabled Ocean Science

Time/Location: 09:30-12:30 Friday 25 November 2022, Zoom

The National Oceanography Centre is hosting the Embedding NZOC within Digitally Enabled Ocean Science workshop on behalf of NERC to explore the links between these elements. This virtual event will share the outcomes of a technical workshop, giving stakeholders the opportunity to explore and contribute to these ideas. Whether you are a user or enabler of ocean data, Register Now to be part of this conversation and shape a sustainable future for essential ocean science.

In 1872 HMS Challenger set sail on a 4-year expedition to explore the ocean, a mission that set the template for next the 150 years of ocean science. Today, the imperative to measure the ocean has never been greater. Observing our ocean in higher detail is essential if we are to understand, predict and mitigate the catastrophic changes we are precipitating. That is why the UK is setting out to build a sustainable, low-carbon marine research environment. The Net-Zero Oceanographic Capability (NZOC) will drive the adoption of new technologies whilst enabling world-class science. A central pillar of this change will be a transformation in how digital infrastructure and Digital Twins of the Ocean (DiTTO) are used alongside networked autonomous fleets.