Research to support marine resource management

Key policy stakeholders with interest in the SMMR programme were invited to contribute their research priorities. Particularly, they were asked to define the outputs and solutions that would be of benefit to them. We hope the research community will use this information to target their research to meet the needs of these policy stakeholders.

Research priorities

The research priorities for several of our key policy stakeholders are outlined below. We refer to “policy stakeholders” as Defra, Marine Scotland, and their equivalents in the Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Executive.

A number of policy delivery bodies have also provided their research priorities:

If you have any queries about the needs and requirements defined above, please contact us. Where possible, and where appropriate, the Programme Champions will refer applicants to designated policy stakeholder representatives for further information.


Partnership Engagement

The SMMR Programme requires interactions between academic disciplines and with Policy Stakeholders.

To help with partnership development, the SMMR programme has introduced a facilitation process that will be led by the SMMR Programme Champions, to support interdisciplinary and stakeholder connections.

Due to a high volume of interest in Policy engagement and to ensure fairness and consistency as proposals are developed, we are now asking that all Policy stakeholder engagement for the SMMR Programme is coordinated by the SMMR Programme Champions. Please contact the SMMR Programme Champions in the first instance if you have questions or are seeking feedback from Policy stakeholders regarding the development of your proposals.

As part of this, applicants now have the option to indicate on their NoI submission if you would like to receive Policy stakeholder feedback on your proposed project idea – see updated guidance on the NERC Announcement of Opportunity webpage. The feedback process will be coordinated by the SMMR Programme Champions. The NoIs of those seeking feedback, will be shared with individual Policy stakeholder representatives who have agreed to a confidentiality statement related to their access to the NoIs. The Policy stakeholder representatives will provide comments on those NoIs seeking feedback. This feedback will be returned to applicants via the SMMR Programme Champions. Non-project specific feedback will be made available to all applicants and published on the SMMR website.

Policy stakeholders will, by definition, have privileged access to information about the SMMR Programme and it would therefore, not be appropriate for Policy stakeholders to be named on projects (with the exception of Project Steering Group membership) whilst at the same time setting policy requirements. For further guidance on project partners and sub-contractors please see the FAQs.

The SMMR Champions are also here to assist with development of interdisciplinary partnerships. Please indicate on your NoI submission if you would like any assistance from the SMMR Programme Champions in identifying appropriate partners.

Please contact the SMMR Programme Champions if you have any questions.

To find out more about SMMR and the programme’s three core themes, see here.

The SMMR call is now open.

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